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      CLASSY BODY - black women's bodysuit
      CLASSY BODY - black women's bodysuit
      CLASSY BODY - black women's bodysuit

      CLASSY BODY - black women's bodysuit

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      A stunning and full of extravagance Classy Body lingerie.

      The front of the set is made of invisible tulle on the skin, which is a novelty in lingerie sewing. It literally melts with the color of the skin and is truly invisible!

      The set is decorated with vertical velvet stripes made of elegant velvet, which add chic and elegance to the whole creation.

      Phenomenal buffet sleeves are made of black slightly stiffer mesh and are tied at the wrists with a velvet black ribbon.

      The back of the elegant bodysuit is made of soft black tulle.

      The sexy women's bodysuit is fastened at the back with a zipper.

      This is our TOP suggestion for a special night out for two, you can match it with a mini skirt or simply with jeans.

      Certainly, wearing this daring creation by LOLITTA brand you will not be able to fend off men's...and women's stares!

      But after all, that's what we women are all about, isn't it?

      LOLITTA brand lingerie is sewn with attention to every detail. We carefully select materials and accessories for our original designs, which, before they reach the pages of our website and are on sale, go through a stage of testing.

      Underwear is sewn by hand in Polish sewing rooms.

      If you have an atypical size and, for example, have a larger bust and a smaller bottom or vice versa - we also sew for special orders, describe your measurements in detail in the notes in your order. We do not charge additional fees, delivery time is 3 working days. 

      Payment when sewing to special size - only for prepayment.

      We sew cup sizes from A to DD -E.

      Material composition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.

      Boredom has crept into your bedroom? Do not shed tears! There is a way for everything! Our striking erotic sets have an extremely exciting effect on men. They tempt, captivate, surprise, introduce tension, so in a word, they encourage males to action. However, this is only one side of the coin. The designs are not only for men, but also for women. Women's bodysuits of our humble authorship make the girl who is wearing it feel downright fantastic. Moreover, she will finally regain confidence in her own sex appeal. As a result, she will be willing to take the initiative. It is worth emphasizing the fact that representatives of the uglier sex love it. A bold woman who is perfectly aware of what she wants will lead them to warm up to her. In addition to great looks, we have not forgotten about comfort. The creation in no way restrains the movements of the girl. Thanks to this, she can perform a wonderful erotic dance in it, or do a striptease like Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth. Get to know her most important assets and awaken true passion regardless of the seniority of your relationship. 

      It all starts with the first look.

      It's a wonderful feeling when the eyes of a man and a woman meet and can't change the setting for a long moment. They look at each other and know that at any given moment they want the same thing. Nothing can stop them from going on an adventure towards exploring the innermost areas of their bodies. It's easy at first! It practically happens on its own. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and the surroundings of everyday life, glances no longer work in such a way. Moreover, men are different. Some don't need much to achieve sexual excitement. In contrast, the remaining group needs stronger stimuli. They want a woman to be dressed in the right way, and actually undressed. Our wonderful Classy erotic lingerie provides this wonderfully. It covers a little, covers even more. As a result, it creates a huge field for male imagination. 

      Full of extravagance sexy lingerie for women.

      Our creation will work not only during shared moments spent in your own bedroom. It is also perfect for going out for two. Impressive bodysuit can be combined with a sexy skirt or versatile jeans and an interesting outfit is ready. With this, you can experience a wonderful evening, and thus open the way for an interesting ending. A man who will watch his woman for several hours in such extravagant clothing will arouse his senses to redness. The whole world will become a thing of the past, because you will see only yourself. Like mesmerized you will experience the most wonderful moments of your life. What's more, investing in sexy lingerie will make you start a whole new phase of your relationship. You will forget the old boredom and together you will shape more and more new stories. Welcome to the captivating world of LOLITTY, where anything is possible! Will you try it?

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      CLASSY BODY - black women's bodysuit

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      CLASSY BODY - black women's bodysuit

      113.40 €
      VAT includedDelivery in 1-2 working days