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Bodystocking and stockings - Stockings - DOLCE


VAT included


A set consisting of a belt, stockings and thongs is full of subtlety and sensuality.

Stockings are made of black elastic tulle, which perfectly adapts to the legs.

It slims and lengthens them optically.

An additional advantage of the tulle of which the stockings are made

is greater resistance to damage than in case of nylon or other artificial fibres,

of which stockings are typically made.

The eyes are attracted by sexy cut-outs topping the upper part of the stockings.

They were decorated with elegant and beautifully shimmering emerald-silver diamonds.

The stockings have a special rubber covered with silicone on top,

thanks to which they do not slip off the legs.

The matt black trimming of which the belt was made was decorated with an emerald satin ribbon.

The belt is fastened above the buttocks with the help of Velcro.

And it is additionally laced with a wide ribbon.

It has adjustable straps that hold the stockings.

These straps are intentionally sewn at a slight angle to made the whole set more original.

This adjustment allows you to perfectly match the set to the body.

Raw material composition: 90% poliamid, 10% elastan.

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