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Luxury and exclusive lingerie. Polish designer. Erotic lingerie and sexy lingerie for women, unique patterns, unique designs. The only such lingerie in Poland. Luxury women's stockings. Sexy sets for women.

Sexy bras

We realise that clothing is important for every woman. Both daytime styles and those chosen for evening or night. Fabric softly envelops us and makes us feel confident. In theory, we may think that it is just the fabric, but the truth is that it is the fabric that often improves our mood. We, on the other hand, as a Polish luxury lingerie manufacturer, do not focus on what is on the surface, but on what is mostly hidden under the layer of clothes. We believe that every woman should feel special no matter what the occasion. So give yourself a bit of luxury, which gives exclusive, sexy lingerie. 

We offer high quality models that look perfect on a woman's body. Our lingerie sets, erotic briefs, sexy push up bras and garter belts are distinguished by their exclusive finishing touches, attention to detail and comfortable material for the skin. Lace or cotton, as well as latex and any other material, not only looks great, but also feels great. High-quality materials guarantee durability for a long time. So if you take a particular liking to one of our products, you will be able to use it for a long time and enjoy the comfort of wearing it.

Sexy push up bra

You might think that erotic lingerie, such as sexy push up bras, are for special occasions only. That it is worth putting it on when an important meeting or a long-awaited date is waiting for us. However, we believe that elegant lingerie is not the only way to boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. Our elegant lingerie, sexy bras from the erotic category as well as more everyday lingerie, is designed to make every woman feel as feminine and confident as possible. But is it only about important occasions? In our opinion, it is worth to pamper yourself with a bit of luxury also in everyday life.

Sexy bra shop

Every day is important. Just like every occasion, even the seemingly not very big ones. So it is worth from time to time to pamper ourselves a little and even on a seemingly ordinary day take out from the wardrobe sexy lingerie, browse sexy bras, which will make us feel great. Women's lingerie, erotic, sexy and glamorous, fits perfectly to the body and makes a woman feel comfortable at any time.

Sexy bra

Every sexy bra you find in our online shop is a truly premium product. All bras offered by us are made of material which is pleasant to the skin. It ensures extremely high comfort of wearing the lingerie. Among our proposals of erotic bras you will find original models - we have a wide selection. We recommend sensual, made of soft tulle bras, which either cover or uncover sensitive parts of a woman's body. The bras are fitted with straps, which add spice and look impressive on the female figure. You may also choose a very sexy bra made of leather-like fabric that accentuates the bust, shoulders and back. In our offer you will find many original, sexy bras, both predatory and full of eroticism, as well as a little more calm. 

In our shop you will also find a sexy bra that is part of a lingerie set. Our sets are often composed of a spectacular bodysuit, sometimes supplemented with a flesh-coloured mesh. They are decorated with intricate embroidery, delightful lace, pearls and other ornaments.

Erotic bra

When it comes to sexy, erotic bras, our exclusive lingerie is not only sets with bodices, thongs and garter belts. We also offer two-piece sets, which ideally emphasise the figure and expose the assets of the silhouette. The two-piece sets available in our offer include a sexy bra, erotic thong and, as a spectacular addition, a garter belt. The whole is made with the greatest care, elements of the sets are finished with high quality lace. Such sets in light colours, white and blue, are also perfect as wedding lingerie.